Friday, November 10, 2017

Bedtime Story: Can You Snore Like a Dinosaur? by Monica Sweeney

Read for: Children's Book Challenge

Synopsis: "From the bestselling author of CAN YOU YAWN LIKE A FAWN? comes the adorable follow-up, CAN YOU SNORE LIKE A DINOSAUR? This stunningly illustrated bedtime book from Monica Sweeney and Laura Yelvington uses clinical sleep strategies with comforting, soporific language to tell the story of drowsy dinosaurs settling in for the night. Follow the recommended bedtime routine from Certified Sleep Consultant Lauren Yelvington to create a calming, restful environment as you and your child read the story of sleepy prehistoric creatures readying themselves for dreamland. The tranquil, repetitive language and serene illustrations will have your little one sleepy and relaxed as the story closes, making for a loving, comforting way to end the day and a calming bedtime routine. "

My Review: I thought this would be a fun book to read with Munchkin at bed. I think it would have been better to read this one to a child who was a little younger and would take the direction of the book a little easier (maybe 2 or 3), Munchkin didn't quite get the concept even after reading a few times. With that said even though we aren't quite using it the way intended, he has enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures of all the dinosaurs.

My Rating: This would be a great book to start at a young age and always have it to fall back on when your little one is having trouble sleeping.  We did really like it and have read it a few times.  We give it a rating of Three Paws.

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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