Wednesday, April 26, 2017

RI Author Feature: Dragonfly Magic by JM Sheridan

Synopsis: "Bound and determined, Brianna and her favorite stuffed animal, a black-and-white cow named Mrs. Moomoo, set off on a search for magic. Follow along with them on their fun and exciting journey. The childhood friends search for magic in all kinds of things, from toys and dolls to blocks and crayons, they keep their spirits high and never give up hope. Does magic exist in the very shoes she wears? Or perhaps within those mouth-watering pancakes she loves to eat so much. Join Brianna and Mrs. Moomoo as they venture outside and are surrounded by the beauty of nature and all the magic it brings to our world. As Brianna and Mrs. Moomoo play in their sandbox, something unexpected happens, and they discover magic in one of Mother Nature's oldest creatures - right in their very own backyard. Magic can come in many forms. Believing in magic opens our hearts to hope and our minds to imagination and wonder. A portion of the net proceeds from this book will go to a national children's charity that works to bring a sparkle of magic into the lives of children who need it most."

My Review: Another book I picked up at a local RI Author Event. This book drew me in with the cute illustrations, and it also came with a plush Mrs. Moomoo. Munchkin loves cows so I thought we would enjoy it. It has a very cute message about finding magic in the ordinary things around us. I did find that this book is clearly geared towards girls and even Munchkin commented that it was a girl book and didn't really want to read it again. It also had a lot of text on the pages that made it difficult for him to sit through reading. It is a cute book and I think it will really appeal to young little girls the most.
My Rating: This is a very cute book that would be perfect for little girls (especially if you gift it along with a little plush cow).  I think maybe my nieces would have enjoyed this more than Munchkin, but it does have a great message behind it.  I give it a rating of Three Paws.
You can learn more about JM Sheridan and her work on her Website.
I picked up my copy of Dragonfly Magic with Mrs. Moomoo at the RI Author Expo, but you can obtain your own copy in print or digital format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or directly from the Publisher.

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