Friday, June 17, 2016

Bedtime Story: Goodnight Loon by Abe Sauer

Synopsis: " charming retelling of a children’s classic in a distinctly Northwoods voice There’s a loon, of course. And a Duluth pack. And crop art, Tater Tot hotdish, and, inevitably, deer ticks. The familiar green room is set on a pontoon, lit by the moon over a quiet lake. The childhood classic Goodnight Moon is transformed into a must-have for every Minnesota child’s bookshelf. Written and illustrated by two fathers who value good rhymes and the power of simple, evocative illustrations, Goodnight Loon moves the story that so many parents know by heart into Northwoods territory. Author Abe Sauer and illustrator Nathaniel Davauer created this book as a tribute to the cherished favorite written by Margaret Wise Brown. Their faithful homage brings fresh life to a much-loved story. The words rhyme, rock, and soothe with the same cadence as the original. Yellow canoes, snowshoes, and a hungry raccoon all make appearances in the room inhabited by a beaver in a sleeping bag and his voyageur companion. Illustrations inspired by the style of Goodnight Moon will give even the youngest child something to search for on every page. It is the perfect bedtime book for babies, children, and parents looking for a story written especially for their Northwoods little ones. And where else will you find walleye eating rhubarb pie?"

My Review: So I picked this up on our recent trip to Minnesota, I have been there countless times but have never seen this book before. It is a perfect souvenir for young travelers. Munchkin loves Goodnight Moon and this was such a fun play on that original book. So many of the things you could point out to them, though I have to say most of it was from my own memories of my many visits. This was a fun and simple book to enjoy and I am so glad I came across it!
My Rating: I don't always enjoy plays on classic children's books but this one is so well done.  I must admit I got much more entertainment out of it than Munchkin did but he still really enjoyed it too! We give it a rating of Four Paws and a Stump Wag!
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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