Monday, May 2, 2016

Magic Tree House Monday: Book 13 - Vacation Under the Volcano

Welcome to Magic Tree House Monday!

Each Monday (other than when special events are planned) I will review one book of the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne.
In Book 13, Jack and Annie are now Master Librarians and now must use the skills they have gained during their previous adventures to aid Morgan in saving books.  They must travel to Pompeii to save a scroll before it is lost to the world forever.
My Review: I really am enjoying this next segment of books in the series. I like the historical context in this book, the adventure will really capture a young reader's interest. I also like the Jack and Annie are starting to have to think a little more and use the books as a reference too. These books are teaching kids things while making it action packed and fun.  
My Rating: These books are really doing a great job of growing with the young readers and their abilities.  I am so glad I have invested in this series for Munchkin.  I give this book a rating of Four Paws!

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