Thursday, March 12, 2015

RI Author Feature: Review of The Glassblower's Apprentice by Peter Pezzelli

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Synopsis: "Fabio Terranova is a brilliant dancer. Young, handsome, and enormously talented he is desperate to leave his little hometown in the mountains of central Italy. With dreams of one day making his mark on Broadway and Hollywood, he has made plans to travel to Milan to enter a dance competition he hopes will be his springboard to fame and fortune in America. All is set until the eve of his departure when a night of wild celebration with his friends ends in tragedy. Left broken in body and spirit, his dreams of dancing shattered by the events of that night, Fabio descends into bitter darkness. Fearing for her son, his mother, Liliana, makes a fateful decision. She sends Fabio across the ocean to live with her uncle, Rick Vitale, who runs a small glassmaking operation in a quaint New England village. Rick lives in solitude, his own reasons for abandoning Italy years earlier long shrouded in mystery. He takes Fabio in and sets about teaching him the art of glassblowing. Relentlessly driven, ever laboring by the searing heat of the furnace, Fabio learns to create dazzling works of glass. The endless hours of toil, however, provide him no solace and he remains tormented by the past, a past he can't bear to face. Now, with the days growing short and the darkness of winter closing in, it is up to Rick to show his nephew the way back to the light. But it is a long journey through the deepest chambers of the heart, one that Fabio must ultimately make on his own if he is to learn that the best days of his life may yet lie ahead..."

My Review: This was an intense story, I am not sure what I expected going it but it was definitely different. I really enjoyed the journey Fabio is on and the way that Rick dealt with him. Fabio really had a healing process to get through both physically and emotionally and the outlet of an art form was a great way to show the developments. I also enjoyed the local flairs and the personalities of those Fabio comes in contact with over those couple of years, it really captures the lifestyle and mentality of those in this tiny state. I was really invested in the story and emotions throughout and the return home got very emotional for me. Like I have said before if a book is able to pull some tears from it then it is beautifully created.
My Rating: I must admit I have a fascination with glassblowing and have watched endless videos on youtube, that is what originally drew me to this book. It turned out to be so much more. I give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag.


  1. This one sounds good and I'm intrigued with what happened.

    1. It wasn't a long book but it was intense and really interesting.