Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review of A Knight's Enchantment by Lindsay Townsend

Synopsis from Amazon: "Desperate to liberate her father who is being held prisoner by the corrupt Bishop Thomas, Joanna of Glastonbury must use her skills as an alchemist to produce an elixir for eternal life. Gold is a key ingredient, and while panning for its rare gleam, Joanna struggles to rescue a boy who is drowning - until a knight comes to her aid. When Joanna lays eyes on the handsome man, a scorching desire is sparked deep within her. Hugh Manhill is captivated by Joanna's stunning beauty. When he and Joanna discover they share a mutual hatred of the Bishop, they devise a daring plan to save their imprisoned family members. Their common mission strengthens their undeniable bond. Soon, neither can resist their all-consuming passion as they risk all for love."

My Review: This one took me forever to get through. The pacing was rather slow and there were almost too much going on at once. Add together the fact that Joanna is an alchemist, her father is imprisoned, she a mistress to the Bishop, and of Jewish heritage, etc etc. It really is too much. I didn't really connect with the main characters at all and there was really only one scene that really sparked my interest and felt real and that was the bee keeper scene. There just seemed to be too many stops on Joanna & Hugh's road to saving their family members. I think if a lot of the extras were cut out it would have been a better and more exciting book.

My Rating: Unfortunately there is just too much stacked against this one and I have to give it a rating of One Paw and a Stump Wag.


  1. Argh, I hate that! I read a book that had the characters stopping all over the place and I felt like it was just to make the book longer. Irritating!

  2. I agree, it drove me nuts. I kept hoping that these random tangents would be drawn back to tie the whole story together but they didn't :( Oh well, I made it through and it wasn't all bad.