Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Haul!!

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by friends and family (and got a few books from your wishlist)!

So I thought I would share the books I got for Christmas with all of you . . .
Yup I got Inheritance so I can use it for my Mount TBR Challenge!

I am so excited, this one has been on my wishlist for years!! (Hubby's comment was, I don't know what you are going to do with that thing, its huge! LOL)

And then of course I got a bunch of Barnes and Noble Giftcards to get more books on my Nook! (I also received one other undisclosed book)

For my non-reader Hubby Valerie got him

Valerie decided she is too grown up for toys and opted to watch tv instead

And Niko was so excited for all his toys that he would stare at them all and whimper not knowing which to play with, but finally settled on Bully Dog as his favorite


  1. Fun books! I LOVED The Mists of Avalon it's my favorite King Arthur book by far. I love that Valerie watches TV. My cat doesn't but she does panic when the doorbell on the TV rings, she's just sure it's someone at the door and it scares the heck out of her. :)

  2. Great Xmas haul. I love that our loved ones know that all we want are books! Your dog is super cute. My doberman wouldn't know what to do with a yellow bear. She has a pink pig she likes though!

  3. Jenny, now I am looking forward to reading it even more! Haha your poor kitty! Both my creatures run to the door to see who is coming to visit them LOL!

    Lan, I didn't realize you had a dobie too!!!

    Thank you Angie!