Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review of Wyoming Wildfire by Elizabeth Lane

Synopsis from Amazon: "They accused Jessie Hammond's brother of murder. He, of course, was innocent, and as his sister, Jessie felt compelled to prove it. However, first she had to rescue him from the clenches of a duty-bound U.S. deputy.

Frank Hammond's appearance amazed U. S. Deputy Marshal Matthew T. Langtry. The kid didn't have the look of a killer, but Langtry knew looks meant nothing. Hammond was an accused murderer and as an officer of the law, it was Matt's job to take the prisoner in.

Sadly, Jessie's rescue plans go awry and her brother ends up dead. Maybe sometime, in the future, Jessie would put the ugly scene behind her and go on with her life. But right now she had to prove her brother was not a killer, and if the self-righteous U.S. deputy Matt Langtry would not help her, then she would do it alone!"

My Review: Now this was the book I was looking for last week! Historical, wild Wyoming, rugged men, stubborn and tough women, horses, guns, danger and sexual tension you can cut with a butter knife. The book starts out horribly tragic with the death of the MC's brother Frank and from there you can feel Jessie's pain but can't help but be proud of the way she handles everything, even though Matt receives the brunt end of her wrath and pain more often than not. I love reading about how when everything is lost, tough Wyoming women find a way to survive. I really enjoyed that this one took place in the Bighorn Mountains, a favorite camping spot of my family's. I enjoyed the characters, Jessie is such a tough, stubborn woman but eventually sees she may not always be right and might not have to always do things alone. Matt, does his duty almost to a fault but can't help but be drawn to Jessie's strength. Morgan, oh gosh I want more Morgan, a good upstanding rancher with a kind heart and a no nonsense attitude. The story line keeps you involved and your heart racing with the danger.

My Rating: Like I said above, this was exactly the right book at the right time. I really enjoyed it and give it a rating of Four Paws.

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