Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pretty and Full Bookshelves

So remember a week or two ago when I posted about my Sad Neglected Bookshelves?
Well I am back to show you my re-shelved and somewhat organized new bookshelves. Now I know they aren't completely full because I wanted to leave room for books I have upstairs and am reading this year.  You might also note that there are funny little flags sticking out, well I decided to flag the books I haven't read yet so they have a spot on the shelf (instead of having to re-arrange every time I finish a few books to fit them in).
So you ready to check them out?!
There will be a lot of pictures!
For the first shelf I decided to start at the bottom and go up with books Munchkin will read as he grows.  The very bottom shelf is games and puzzles since it is hard to access. The next shelf up is children's books, paperback, hardcover and board books. The next shelf is Dr. Seuss and Serendipity (kind of my collection shelf), then on up to beginning/level readers and Magic Tree House books, and the top shelf is into first chapter books and into middle grade.

The next shelf over continues in a similar fashion with a few exceptions.  The top 2 shelves are all my signed books. the next two shelves are all my horse books for MG and YA (Saddle Club, Black Stallion, etc.), then the next shelf is into MG to YA classics into contemporary fiction, the bottom two shelves are into YA fantasy.

On the other side of the couch is my other new shelf.  This one starts at the bottom with a continuation of YA fantasy, particularly the series, for the bottom 2 shelves. The third from the bottom shelf contains adult fantasy. On that middle shelf is all my King Arthur legend books, I did this because they are difficult to place, some are YA some are adult, they all have historical fiction, fantasy and most have romance so I thought to put them all together.  Above that is a historical romance shelf, the one above that is contemporary romance and the very top is fantasy/paranormal romance shelf.
On the far wall I have this random shelf. The top is all of my Robin Cook books, the next shelf down is a little bit of random books and stuff that didn't really fit anywhere else (we all have one of these shelves right?!). The next shelf down is Graphic Novels and single issue comics. The largely empty shelf is for cookbooks, I need to finish transferring the piles from upstairs. The very bottom shelf is all picture or table top style books, we don't look at them often but they are too beautiful to get rid of.
The last shelf is again on the other side of the room. The top shelf is all classics followed by a shelf of Poetry into memoir and then into non-fiction.  The following shelf is mostly non-fiction and reference books (I have an odd fascination with the Third Reich/ Hitler and WWII). The next shelf is fiction and into thrillers and bottom continues into historical fiction and the far right is mysteries that I plan to lend to a fellow reader.
So there you have the shelves all done up. I still would like to go back through and put them in alphabetical order, but first I want to let them sit for a while and see if they are happy where they are (don't deny it. . .. you know what I am talking about).


  1. I love arranging and rearranging my book shelves! These look great!

    1. When I had the time I was always re-arranging my shelves. I don't have as much time anymore so I am hoping this set up will be easy to use.

  2. Nice! You have been busy. I find organizing my bookshelves is very theraputic. I like how you've arranged everything!

    1. It was definitely a project but it only took a weekend to re-arrange all my shelves. I am liking how it is set up so far, though I am debating alphabetizing each genre by author.