Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review of Falling for Her by Debbie Macomber

Read For: Because I Love the series
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Synopsis: "Debbie Macomber’s beloved Rose Harbor series follows Jo Marie as she makes her home in Cedar Cove, running the charming Rose Harbor Inn. Now, in this original short story, available exclusively as an eBook, Macomber tells a whole new side of the story as handyman Mark Taylor grapples with his true feelings for Jo Marie.

Mark Taylor came to Cedar Cove to leave his painful past behind him, and has spent the last few years keeping mostly to himself. But when he meets Jo Marie Rose, his world is turned upside down. She’s hired him to do carpentry projects around the inn, but for Mark, spending time with Jo Marie is a risk—to both his long-buried secrets and his carefully guarded heart. Then one day, he breaks his leg in his workshop and must turn to Jo Marie for help. And though he tries to keep his distance, Mark can’t deny how he feels drawn to Jo Marie—and how deeply he is falling for her."

My Review: I have been inhaling the books in this series since they started coming out, but somehow I missed this book until just now. It was a little weird to read it out of order, if you have already read Silver Linings, this book won't feel as significant as it should. I also have always like the mystery surrounding Mark and his cranky personality, and while this book gives you a brief look from his point of view, I feel like I lost some of the magic. I think it is just me, because I know that Macomber writes wonderful books with great storylines and fantastic characters you come to love. I think maybe if I had read it in order I might have enjoyed this book better.
My Rating: I kind of wish I hadn't stumbled upon this book, I miss the mystery surrounding Mark. It is still enjoyable to read but I don't think it is really necessary to the series and might spoil things just a bit.  I give it a rating of Two Paws.


  1. Ha! Yep. Some things are better left alone. I know some people felt this way about Fairest in the Lunar Chronicals.

    1. Normally I like an extra look at some of the characters or background stories but this was just too much.