Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sad Neglected Bookshelves

So I have been trying to spend a little time each month organizing a tiny piece of my world as part of my Resolutions.  I recently came to realize that my poor bookshelves have been horribly neglected! I don't think I have touched them other than to pull books off or thrown them on (anywhere they would fit) in over 3 years, at least.
Look how sad they are. . .

They are just such a cluttered mess!  Anyway, a local bookstore recently closed one of their branches and posted that they were selling the shelving units from the closed store for a low price. I begged my Hubby to let me get some (luckily I also got a bonus at work, just enough to cover the cost).  It took some convincing but he did finally go pick up two for me.  They needed a little bit of work, some sanding and recoating with black paint, but now look fantastic!

They are so big (and look rather naked without books on them).  Oddly enough Hubby even suggested we think about getting a 3rd one for our bedroom! Does he know what all this space would mean?! I don't think he does!  Anyway, now it is time to go through all my books and re-shelve them, which really isn't as easy as it sounds like it should be.
So how are your shelves? Are they carefully organized and maintained or are they a jumbled mess like mine have been?  I would love to see what your shelves look like too!


  1. Obviously your husband has no idea what he's commuting to. The shelves look great I can't wait for pics of them all full or books!

    1. HAHA He has no idea! It is so relaxing and yet stressful to re-organize bookshelves! I never know how I want to organize them and you have those few books that fit into multiple places . . .

  2. Replies
    1. Best gift ever! (except more books of course haha)