Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dewey's Readathon Update #3

It has only been a little over 2 hours but I needed a break, the book I am currently reading was not working so I am going to have to change it up.
Here is my new update:
Currently reading:  5 Minute Disney Pixar Stories (on pg 31), Doms of Dark Haven 2 (on pg 156), Mozart Season (on page 35), Reflections of Queen Snow White (starting)
Books finished: Flight, Hades, Count to 10 with a Mouse, Biscuit Loves the Library, Welcome to Trucktown, The Gruffalo, The Bippolo Seed & Other stories, and The Legendary Yoda, Birds of Prey
Pages read: 249
Running total of pages read: 945
Amount of time spent reading: another roughly 1.75 hours
Running total of time spent reading: 6.5 hours
Snacks: I think it is about time for my special Gouda cheese, rosemary crackers & homemade summer sausage
Reading Spot: Going to stretch my back out and lay on the floor.
I am having trouble getting into The Mozart Season, it has tiny print and rambles a lot so I am going to put it aside and read The Reflections of Queen Snow White instead.
Are you starting to loose steam like I am yet? Maybe time to hit the caffeine finally and try out a new book. Wish I had a stationary bike and could pedal while reading. . .

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