Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dewey's Readathon Update #2

Another 3 hours have passed and I have managed a surprising amount of reading with both Hubby and Munchkin still in the house. Had to take a couple of quick breaks to help with Munchkin and to eat some lunch but have spent the most of this past block of time reading.
Here is my new update:
Currently reading:  Doms of Dark Haven 2, starting The Mozart Season
Books finished: Flight, Hades, Count to 10 with a Mouse, Biscuit Loves the Library, Welcome to Trucktown, The Gruffalo, The Bippolo Seed & Other stories, and The Legendary Yoda
Pages read: 156
Running total of pages read: 696
Amount of time spent reading: another roughly 2.5 hours
Running total of time spent reading: 4.75 hours
Snacks: about to dig into some crackers & Cucumber dill dip
Reading Spot: Time to get back into the recliner.
Going to take a quick breather from Doms of Dark Haven and read Birds of Prey while having a snack and dive into the Mozart Season. Maybe read Munchkin a quick story before he heads out with Hubby for some Daddy/Son time.
How is your day going so far? Have you taken any breaks? Tried a new book yet? I am off to visit some other readers for a few minutes and then back to my happy place!


  1. Sigh! I wish I'd known this was happening this weekend. Oh well. I hope when I have kids my husband takes them out so I can have some alone time.

    1. awe too bad, I will try to remind you when I know when the next date will be. It took a little convincing, and I had to take some time with Munchkin too, thankfully he loves books!