Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Inspirational Snippets

As a new post idea for 2016, I wanted to share with all of you things that inspire me. It could be something that inspires me to do better, create something or to give a little more.  I hope that you will find things to inspire you here too. Of course I would love to see what inspires you as well so please feel free to share your snippets too!
I came across this on Pinterest and boy do I need to pay attention. Every week my planner and checklists are full to busting, trying to squeeze out every minute of my time. Last weekend during the snow storm here as a whole family we finally managed a little chill out time, we threw the chore list in the trash and just spent some time together watching movies, cuddling, playing games, etc. We didn't even cook meals, just had simple things to eat. It was good for the soul and something we need to make more time for.


  1. Isn't it funny how busy we can get and how we forget to just relax? I'm glad you had some down time.

    1. I am so bad about that, I am so obsessed with lists that I have started writing fun things into them. It feels a little horrible that I write "play a game with Munchkin" or "Movie Night" on my to do list but I need to otherwise I just get so wrapped up in getting everything done on the list I will forget to have fun.