Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pen to Paper: PostCrossing

Hello and happy Month of Letters everyone! Whether or not you are participating, I hope that you have a happy mail month. I have been participating and this is my 3rd year (and hopefully the first fully successful one).  So far I have sent out a postcard, 2 reply letters and 2 pocket letters. While I do usually send out quite a bit of mail every month, the challenge for me is to send something out each day as normally I will sit down and write 2 or 3 letters in a single night and send them all out. I find it hard to write a full letter on a regular (non writing scheduled) night so I decided to take the plunge and join PostCrossing.
I have mentioned the website PostCrossing before but never intended to join as it is only for postcards. I have obviously since changed my mind, while I do love writing long letters to various family, friends and penpals, there is something to be said about a quick postcard to a stranger. It is great practice for introduction letters to new pen pals and a great way to get out there meet people and send a bit of sunshine in the mail.
I so far I have sent 3 postcards, each to a different countries, with different messages to each person's likes and interests. It has been fun finding a postcard they would like and also writing a very short note of interest.  I have yet to receive my first postcard, you have to have one of your own delivered and registered first. I have been trying to pace myself as I only haven't had a chance to stock up on fun and unique postcards yet but I can understand how people really get wrapped up in it.
I really think it is fun how your page tracks not only the postcards you send and receive (along with pictures of them) but it also keeps track of how many miles your postcards have traveled to and from destinations. You can search postcards from different countries and even arrange private swaps. It is truly a fun mail adventure.  If you don't seem to have the time for a good long letter, maybe think about giving these little postcard adventures a try.

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