Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review of Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter

Celebrating Children's Book Week!
Synopsis: "Fireheart could hear a roaring around him, like wind in tall trees. The acrid stench of the Thunderpath stung his nostrils, together with a new smell, sharper and more terrifying. Fire!

Book Two of WARRIORS continues Fireheart's quest to be a true warrior, when he finds new danger lurking in the woods as the chill of winter sets in.

WindClan is missing, and hostilities between the remaining three clans place all the cats in peril. Illness and tragic accidents weaken the camp, and ThunderClan needs all its warriors to defent itself - but Fireheart suspects that certain cats may not be as loyal as they appear."

My Review: I enjoyed this second book in the series even more than the first. I still really enjoy the animal instincts and mannerisms that Hunter sticks to throughout the book. I also see the connection between what Fireheart goes through and what the potential audience would be going through at the age they would be reading this book. Friendships splitting and returning, questioning authority and where in the world you belong. This is a great way to deal with coming of age issues without being direct or boring, instead it is an adventure.
My Rating: This was so much better, the violence is still present but I guess I didn't notice it as bad with so many other emotional issues present.  I give it a rating of Four Paws!

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