Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mindless Weekend Rambling: Soundtracks

Welcome to my new blog event called Mindless Weekend Rambling where I will ramble on and on aimlessly about all the junk rolling around in my brain. Occasionally I might rant and rave about something that is bothering me or question the sanity of it all, or maybe choose to discuss my to do list or plans that I am making or maybe share something new I learned. The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be totally off the cuff. I hope you will bear with me and maybe get a laugh or two in the process.
So for today's rambling thoughts, I have been finding I am listening to soundtracks more than any other music.
I am not sure what led to this recent obsession (I guess not so recent since I have had all these soundtracks for years). Maybe it is the fact that when you listen to a soundtrack you can get a wide variety of music on once CD (yes I still listen to CDs, I don't own an ipod or know how to use music programs on my cellphone).
The current most popular soundtrack is Happy Feet Two, Munchkin is going through a penguin phase and we both enjoy this soundtrack (the little man has started dancing and it is just too cute).

Seriously, how can you keep from boppin' to the beat?!
Now have you guys ever seen the movie August Rush? Fantastic movie not to mention the soundtrack that is in my work computer most of the time. Its got upbeat moments and soothing quiet moments, perfect for a light sound in the office.

My all time favorite movie and soundtrack is a little known one, I have only come across one or two other people who know of it and love it. Rigoletto has the most beautiful soundtrack, I use to watch the movie over and over to listen to the music and Hubby seeing my obsession tracked down the hard to find CD for me. So I have a few of the songs from it because I can't pick my favorite!


When I need an upbeat pick me up I immediately turn to Pitch Perfect! That soundtrack is so much fun and really makes you smile.
Gosh I wish I could just share all my favorite soundtracks with you, it is so hard to pick favorites! Some of my other top soundtrack CDs are Dirty Dancing, Remember the Titans and of course all the Disney songs. I also like to get musical scores, the ones from all the Twilight movies are fantastic and you know what, the ups and downs of the scores really help when you are in writing mode! 

Sometimes I think I might like movies just because of the soundtrack because the music is so much better than the movie itself!

So do you listen to regular records from artists or do you like the blend of Soundtracks? Or do you make your own mixes? Any one favorite movie soundtrack?


  1. I used to buy soundtracks all the time. Now I just buy the songs I like if itunes. Poor CDs. :(

    1. If I had an Ipod I would maybe purchase songs on iTunes but for some reason I think I would still enjoy the whole soundtrack and how it flows up and down.

  2. Oh, August Rush rocks and I have heard of and love Rigoletto too!

    1. YAY! Another Rigoletto lover!! I think it was filmed and produces out your way somewhere.