Monday, February 3, 2014

Challenge Update - January

So we have made it through the first month of 2014 and I am hoping to update you on my challenges each month (kind of to keep myself motivated).
So here we go:
Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge
I haven't finished a book yet, but am about halfway through my first of the year title Still Alice
Series Challenge
I have started a couple of series and hope to get moving on them more in the next month or two.
Series #1: Harry Potter - Book 1
Series #2: Secret of the Unicorn Queen - Book 1
Audio Book Challenge
I have finished one and am about halfway through my second (again Still Alice).
Graphic Novel Challenge
Really on a roll with this one, completely on track and have a bunch on deck ready to go!
Mount TBR
Really plugging away at this challenge. I have 8 books so far (not including all the children's books, Review Requested books or Graphic Novels but I didn't think that was fair) and have 3 more I am currently reading; Ophelia, 100 Cupboards, Listening is an Act of Love. So I think I am pretty on track for my goal of 60
3. Beauty
Erotica Challenge
I recently added the Erotica Challenge to my challenges since it seemed that many of the books I planned on reading this year fit this challenge as well (not to mention many of the books sitting on my TBR shelf).
 All in all I am doing pretty good on my challenges, I think I am on track so far this first month.  According to Goodreads I have read 31 books so far this year (as of 1:00pm on 2/3/14) and am 17 books ahead of schedule to reach my goal of 156 this year.
How are your challenges going? Are you finding you are focusing on any one particular challenge first or just working on them all at once?


  1. Not bad at all! Thanks for joining in on the Erotic Romance Challenge!

    1. Thanks! I don't know why I delayed signing up for your challenge, I should have known I would read a bunch anyway LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. It is a lot of challenges, but thankfully many of them have overlapping books otherwise I don't think I could pull it off!