Friday, July 19, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 11

So while browsing the blogs I follow (mind you I am crazy behind on checking everyone's blogs out) I cam across this challenge hosted at Good Books and Good Wine and it sounded kind of fun.
Day 11 Post
Show off 5 of your best blog posts
How do you pick your best blog posts anyway? Based on views, comments, own personal opinion? And how do you choose after almost 3 years of posting?!
So here it goes, I am going to try to take a stab at it.
Review of Pegasus by Robin McKinley was a review I posted early in my blogs life and that book took me by such surprise, I almost couldn't decide what to say. It was also the start of my Paw rating system.
Bedtime Story: Flutterby is one of my most viewed posts, in fact most of my bedtime story post featuring the Serendipity books seem to be extremely popular. I adored these books as a kid and I guess so did other people.
Review of Fire by Kristin Cashore because this book has definitely become my favorite book. I re-read it at least once a year because I miss the characters and the world. It is such an emotional book with such deep characters that I can't stay away.
Review Frost Kisses by Kailin Gow was the very first book that I did not finish. I always use to push through a book even if I wasn't enjoying it but this was the very first time I stopped reading. I felt that I had to share it with all of you. It was a huge deal for me.
Graphic Novel Review of We3 by Grant Morrison was another huge turning point for me and the start of a new genre obsession! This was the book and the review that has brought you the Saturday Graphic Novel reviews.
So I am sure I had other great posts, and while these may not have been my "best" posts, I think they were some of the most important. These posts are what have created the blog I have today.

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