Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Reading List

Its Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey. Share what books you have finished in the last week, are currently reading and what might be coming up next!

Reviews Posted Last Week:
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Hot or Cold by ER Pierce (After Dark)
I Love you Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak (Bedtime Story)
Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair (After Dark)
Dark Citadel by Cherise Sinclair (After Dark)
Breaking Free by Cherise Sinclair (After Dark)
Lean On Me by Cherise Sinclair (After Dark)
Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair (After Dark)
To Command and Collar by Cherise Sinclair (After Dark)
Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton (Bedtime Story)
Just A Little Crush by Tracie Puckett

Books Finished Last Week:
Reviews will be posted at a later date

 Make Me, Sir
To Command and Collar
Dare to Love
Candy Store
A Walk to Remember

Currently Reading:

Last Regress by Rachel J. Thorne - Nook - on page 118 of 212
Almost a Bride by Patricia McLinn- Kindle-
Next Books to be Read:


Well I hope all of you are enjoying my Lust and Love event! I am currently on track to have a new book for you each day but still have several more to read for the end of the month.  We have had several set backs around here lately.  As many of you know we have been having issues with little Munchkin.  He has been having to got to physical therapy every week for torticollis and then doing stretches at home (not easy to do with a fussy baby). A couple of weeks ago we also had to go get a helmet for him to correct the flat spot that resulted from the torticollis. He has to wear it 23 hours a day and is not happy about it. He will only sleep if one of us is holding him so its been a rough couple of weeks.

To top all of that off, we got hammered by winter blizzard Nemo - apparently we are naming winter storms now too :/  We lost power on Friday night and it was chilly. We put Niko's coat on him and the rest of us bundled up and climbed into bed together to stay warm. Thankfully we have a good friend who still had power and brought a generator over. It was a good thing too we just got power back late Sunday. Both me and Hubby have sore backs and arms from all the shoveling we had to do and now its time to head back to work even though our road still isn't fully plowed.
So thats enough about us and our troubles!! Like I said I hope you are enjoying my Lust and Love event.  I know I have had a lot of After Dark books but I promise there is more of a variety in store.  It took me a long time to pick which book to feature on the ever popular Valentine's Day.  I picked it specifically for my date for the night and I don't think any of you will be disappointed ;)
I hope you are all doing well and staying warm!!


  1. Oh man! That's a lot going on for you guys. Hang in there! *hugs*

    1. Thanks hun *hugs* we will survive, just takes a lot of time and stress.

  2. Sheesh! Hang in there. Sounds like things are going nuts for you. I really shouldn't whine so much about my life.

    1. Thanks, I try not to whine too much about it because we do have things better than a lot of people but it all seems to be piling up lately.