Monday, April 1, 2019

Middle Grade March Wrap Up

All March long I have been focusing a lot of my reading on Middle Grade books for Middle Grade March, you can find out all the details in my sign up post .  I have so much fun with this month long reading challenge.  Middle Grade books seem to have the ability to tackle really tough subjects but do it in such a way that everyone can understand them.  I read so many great Middle Grade books this month and thought I should post a wrap up so maybe you can discover your next read. 

Here are the books I read for each of the challenges. 

1. A Nonfiction or based on true events 

2. Book with a Non-human MC

3. Fantasy

4. Book Written in Verse 

5. Diverse Read

In addition to all of those books I also read these . . .

I got to read so many great books this month! It is hard to settle on a favorite but both Munchkin and I loved The Wild Robot.  All in all it was a very successful Middle Grade March with a wide variety of genres and subjects. 

Do you read Middle Grade Books? Have you read any of these?

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  1. Great list if books! Middle grade has a lot to offer.