Saturday, March 2, 2019

February 2019 Challenge Update & March TBR

I am not liking how fast February went by, I hope this isn't how the year is going to go for me.  While it was a really great reading month, it hasn't been the greatest of months in other areas of life, but we all keep trudging on.  Why don't we get into the good news, all the books I read this month! (Note: I am a bit behind on reviews so some of these won't be linked yet, just check back on my main challenge page later.)

Children's Books
30-40 books
4. Where Horses Run Free
5. How Many Tow Trucks can a Tow Truck Tow

Early Reader Books
30-40 books

Graphic Novel
25 books
3. Jim Hensen's The Storyteller
4. Aquicorn Cove

Audio Book Challenge
50 books - (Caffinated Reader hosted)

Classic Books
5 books

Big Books
10 books over 500 pages

RI Authors
20 books

Borrowed Books
30-40 books
6. Love That Dog
7. Be Mine

15 books
2. Warprize
3. Warsworn
4. Warlord
5. Warcry

Beat the Backlist
75 books - (Novelknight hosted) - only using books I already own
6. Uprooted
7. The Thief
8. The Queen of Attolia
9. The King of Attolia
10. A Conspiracy of Kings

The Never Ending Series
Warland Chronicles: Book1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4,

Requested Reviews
No more than 25 new acceptances (& catch up on old requests)
4. Princess Puffybottom and Darryl - (Netgalley)
5. The Dysasters (Direct Request)

Recently Added to Shelves
Limited purchases (must total less than 200) and read soon
1. Dragon of Ash & Stars - (Jan./ Jan.) DNF
2. The Snow Gypsy (Jan./ )
3. Book Nerds & Boyfriends (Jan./Feb.) *
4. WarDance (Jan/ )
5. Warsong (Jan./ )
6. The Only Harmless Great Thing (Jan/Jan. )
8. Lost Boy (Jan/ )
9. Year One (Jan/ )
10. Girl Who Drank the Moon (Jan/ )
11. King of Scars (Jan/ )
12. Dactyl Hill Squad (Feb./)
13. The Darkdeep  (Feb./)
14. Voices (Feb./Feb.) 
15. Wicked King (Feb./)
16. Lord of the Fading Lands (Feb./)
17. Crown of Feathers (Feb./)
18. Argos: The Story of Odysseus as told by his Loyal Dog (Feb./)
19. 100 Hugs (Feb./ Feb.) *
20. Binti 2: Home (Feb./)
23. Binti 3: Night Masquerade (Feb./)
24. Artificial Condition (Feb./)
25. Rogue Protocol (Feb./)
26. Trial of Lightening  (Feb./)
27. The Last (Endling) (Feb./)
28. Aquicorn Cove (Feb./Feb.) *
29. Thick as Thieves (Feb./ Feb.)

January Reading Stats:
I read a total of 24 books this month
3,184 pages read and 3 days, 2 hours and 26 minutes of listening

Resolutions Check in:
1. Borrow More Books: I didn't do as well with this goal this month, but at least I did borrow 2 books. - CHECK
2. Purchase Less Books: Last February I had discovered BookOutlet and purchased 24 books, Yikes! So I did better this year with 18 but that is still a lot of books but I count it as a win. - CHECK
3. Read Big Books: I did not get a chunky book in this month, I read a lot of shorter books and audio books but nothing over 500 pages.  - :(
4. Re-Read More: I definitely tackled this goal with 4 re-reads this month! - CHECK
5. Put Less Pressure and Stress on Myself: I have been a little out of it overall this month, between stress at work and home, the loss of Valerie, sick kid and school vacation. I still managed to get a lot of posts up but I definitely was slipping back into the putting pressure on myself to read and post constantly. I did manage to DNF one book this month and removed several off my TBR that just don't appeal anymore so a small win but it counts.  - CHECK


So February went pretty well and I read nearly everything I wanted too off my overly ambitious TBR, so why not be an over achiever again this month?  So in addition to my Middle Grade March TBR I have a pretty lofty list of books to read.

Homer's Odyssey * Currently Reading
Queen's Shadow
Wicked Saints
The Wicked King
The Snow Gypsy
Wardance & Warsong
Artificial Condition
White Magic Trilogy
Beyond a Darkened Shore
Queen of Camelot

So I am probably way over estimating what I can read this month but March is a long, dreary month so why not spend it reading?!   What will you be reading to pass the month of March?

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