Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Middle Grade March Readathon/Challenge Sign Up

I am so excited to see one of my favorite reading challenges from last year back again, Middle Great March Readathon/Challenge.  I came across this challenge on one of my favorite Youtube channels, Life Between Words.  You can check out this year's Readathon announcement in her video HERE or her co-host's, Krista at BooksandJams, video HERE for all the exact details but here are the basics:

The Readathon runs from March 1st - 31st
The goal is to read as many middle grade books throughout the month of March as you can or like. 
There are a few live videos throughout the month on Instagram that you can find details for in their videos.
You can also use the hashtag #MiddleGradeMarch on Twitter and Instagram throughout the month

And of course there are some challenges:
1. A nonfiction or book based on true events 2. Book with a nonhuman main character 3. A fantasy 4. Book written in verse 5. A diverse read

So how about my TBR for the month:

For the challenges I will be using:
1. A Nonfiction or based on true events - Refugee
2. Book with a Non-human MC - The World According to Humphrey
3. Fantasy - The Darkdeep
4. Book Written in Verse - The One and Only Ivan
5. Diverse Read - Girl Who Drank the Moon

I adore Middle Grade books and find them to be some of the most influential and satisfying reads and this year Munchkin will be able to read some of these with me as well!

 I hope even if you aren't a big middle grade fan, that you will try at least one this month!   
I will post updates throughout the month here and more than likely on Instagram (@EasternSunset9) as well.

What is your favorite Middle Grade book?

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