Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pen to Paper: Traveling Postcards

Hello my friends.  I am still way behind on my pen pal letters but I am working hard on them, responding to about 2 a week.  Boy, I didn't not realize how out of shape your hands get after not writing for several months! 

Anyway, in the mean time I wanted to share something fun with you that I started participating in over the past year, Traveling Postcards.  I came across this originally on My Green Cow on Youtube and then later joined the group she set up on Facebook for Travelling Mail.  The point of this is to send a postcard in the mail to someone, they add their name, location, a sticker (whatever you like) and then they forward the postcard to someone else, on and on until it is full and then it gets returned to you.  You get to see all the unique places your postcard traveled to and people it visited.  Kind of a fun little thing to do and pretty inexpensive depending on where you are sending and how many you are sending.  

I have only received a couple (you have to be quick on the group to claim one) and I have yet to receive a postcard back.  Here are the cards I have sent so far:

Daisy From My Green Cow set up this little information sheet to attach to traveling postcards (you can download it on the facebook group):

Doesn't this sound like fun?  Just a tip, if you want to participate make sure that the person you mail to is okay with forwarding it on (please don't just blindly send this to someone like a chain letter).  If you do want to participate and have no one to send it to, please send me a message, I would be happy to be the first stop on your traveling postcard's trip!

Happy Mailing!


  1. Fun idea! Those postcards are super cute! Did you make them?

    1. No, I didn't make the postcards, but I am sure you could do that as long as it was something that will hold up to a lot of handling and trips through the postal systems around the world.