Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Biannual Bibliothon - Day 3: Update & Villain Synopsis Challenge

So the Biannual Bibliothon is usually a Youtube exclusive Challeng, but they have branched out to include challenges for Instagram and Bloggers as well.  You can find out information on the reading challenges and video challenges on the Biannual Bibliothon channel and the Instagram and Blogger challenges are being posted @BiannualBibliothon.

Each day there are Booktube Challenges, Blog Challenges and Instagram Challenges.  So I will have extra posts all this week (and I will try to participate in the Instagram Challenges as well @Easternsunset9 ).  I thought I would also take a brief moment to update you each day of the readathon.  

Update: I finally got to start reading last night! I started and completed my first book - Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Year One and really enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to watching at least part of the movie today.  I did start another book Geekerella, even though it wasn't on my TBR, it was one I could download on the work computer (for some reason all the books I picked are in print and can only be read at night).  

Today's Challenge is hosted by Pirates and Pixie Dust.  The challenge is to take a favorite book and re-write the synopsis from the villain's point of view.

Because it is recent in my memory and I really, really enjoyed it and then characters I decided to use Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo.  Please note that this is the 3rd and final book in the series so if you have not read the previous books this one will spoil them!!

Villain Synopsis of Ruin & Rising

I have been working for centuries towards one goal.  I finally sit on the throne but all is not as I thought it would be.  The seat beside me is empty. The one who was to help me rule, be the balance to my dark and assist me in bringing the Grisha into power, instead of ruling beside me attempted to kill me before running with one who is beneath her. 

But with or without the Sun Summoner, even if I must destroy what I sought to create, I will bring all under one rule, mine!  No longer will the Grisha suffer under those who fear and use us.  I will create a rule of power, even if it means stepping further into the darkness and using every weapon at my fingertips. 

What do you think? It is always interesting to look at a book from a different perspective. What I loved about this series in particular is that each of the characters had good and evil in them, and even thought the Darkling was the villain, he may have just gotten a little lost in his goal to do good.

I would love to see how you would re-write a synopsis!


  1. I like how you took the first person point of view. Yet again, another series I need to read already.

    1. I really wanted the Darkling's voice to come through and show how in this series the good side and evil side aren't always black and white.