Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Fun Day 22: Polar Express Train

Hello and Happy Holiday season everyone! In addition to my Advent Reads event this holiday season, I thought I would post earlier in the day with different things we do each day to have fun and celebrate this season. I hope you will join us and also maybe share some of your own traditions or ways you celebrate.
So as I said earlier this month, Munchkin has been obsessed with the Polar Express book and movie, well it just so happens that the oldest running Polar Express Train is located here in Rhode Island! The tickets are not cheap and they sell out quickly, but I managed to snag some for us.  I have to say it was quite an ordeal and I was a little nervous about how he would react (he doesn't do well with anything outside our normal schedule or familiar places). He was super shy at the beginning and wouldn't take pictures at any of the photo scenes. He wouldn't interact with anyone and insisted I carry him (a nearly 40lb 4 year old gets heavy very fast). But once we got on the train it was like magic!
It wasn't snowing on the day we went, but the company added to the magic by using a snow machine to blow snow as you exited the station to get on the train. Munchkin was very interested in the wheels and magnets.

 Every one gets a golden ticket, we went with Hubby, Uncle B & Uncle B2
We rode the Comet car and each car has its own Storyteller (ours was Jen), a Chef (ours was Deb), and an Elf (ours was Mia), they all do a great job of interacting with not only the kids but the adults as well and keeping everyone engaged.

For the first part of the ride, the storyteller reads the story (I read on one blog that it was a good idea to bring your own copy of the book so we did but it really wasn't necessary).

Halfway through the story (on the page where they all got hot chocolate) they stop and pass out hot chocolate and cookies to everyone.

The hot chocolate was the perfect temperature and you get to keep the cup. Of course that sent Munchkin into quite the sugar rush but oh well, that is the fun of the day right?!
I think the thing Munchkin was the most excited about was getting his golden ticket punched by the conductor!

The train stopped at the North Pole (they had a lot all decorated with a sign for Santa's workshop and lights and a big pole for the kids to look at) while they switched the engine and picked up a special visitor. . .

Santa came down through the car and said hi to each child, they didn't get long to talk to him but there was an opportunity after to take a picture with Santa on his sleigh at the station.  Santa gave each kid a "first gift of Christmas" the silver bell.

The way back was filled with singing, dance parties in the aisle, candy canes and coloring books for each child. It was really a fun time, I think I had as much fun as Munchkin did!  I don't know if we will do it again next year because it is so expensive but it was definitely a memory we enjoyed making!


  1. Oh fun! Even if you never do it again, you'll always have this memory. It looks so fun! I'm glad Munchkin warmed up and enjoyed himself.

    1. It was definitely an adventure for the memory books. Munchkin had so much fun and so did we, I don't know if I will ever be able to top it!