Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Fun Day 15: Book Christmas Tree

Hello and Happy Holiday season everyone! In addition to my Advent Reads event this holiday season, I thought I would post earlier in the day with different things we do each day to have fun and celebrate this season. I hope you will join us and also maybe share some of your own traditions or ways you celebrate.
So this time of year, every year, I get tagged in posts of book Christmas trees by all of my lovely family and friends. I have been really wanting to create one of these trees and finally decided that this was the year thanks to HaileyinBookland on youtube #Bookmas celebration. I didn't have the time to create one of the big trees like she did in her video (nor do I have a place where Munchkin, the cat and the dog will not knock it over instantly), so I went with a smaller tree with only green books.  I also made a star (and I am the first to admit that I can't draw a star to save myself, let alone cut one out but oh well) and some super cute little reindeer lights.
I am so happy I finally made this tree, and I am definitely making plans to do a large book tree next year!
Have you ever made a book tree? I would love to see pictures of yours!


  1. I think you're a little tree is adorable! And a big one is a big project!

    1. Thanks! The big one does seem like a project especially since I don't specifically just by hardbacks or paperbacks so it will be tough to find similar sized books for each layer. In the mean time I love my little book tree.