Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pen to Paper: Asking Questions - Mail Tags


Hello everyone, I hope that you are all having a good week! It has been a little rough around here, Munchkin brought home a nasty summer cold and gave it to all of us. Oh well, it is what it is, thankfully it seems as if it is a short cold since he is already on the mend.
Anyway today I wanted to talk to you about asking your pen pal questions.  I have said before that questions are very important in letters, they are in any form of conversation really. Sometimes, especially when you are new to writing letters, it can be difficult to integrate questions into your letters.  I have a solution for you, it is something known in the snail mail circles as a Mail Tag.
Mail Tags are little tags or pieces of paper where you ask your pen pal a few simple questions for them to answer in their response to you.  The Tag doesn't have to be just a gift tag type paper, it can be a journaling card, sticky notes or cute little memo pads, or you can even just add it to the end of your letter.  I tend to prefer memo pads because you can find a wealth of cute ones and they have lines.
The questions are often simple and can be customized to your own relationship.  I usually start off with simple questions like 'What is you Birthday?' 'Favorite food/beverage?' standard get to know you questions.  As a relationship grows you can ask different questions that relate to both your interests or what is going on in your lives, like I have a pen pal that we have been talking about summer activities and one of my questions to her is 'what to pack in a picnic?' Since I love books so much, I tend to always ask at least one book related question, either about a current read, recent purchase or a book they are looking forward to.

Hope that helps in your future letters! You can find a wealth of ideas on Pinterest, there you will find lots of question ideas as well as some very creative and beautiful ways of dressing up your Mail Tags.


  1. Cute idea! That panda paper is awesome!

    1. It is super cute, the panda paper is a sticky note stack, there isn't a lot of room to write but it is cute to dress up a letter or package.