Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mini Reviews of Princess Diaries Series Books 9-11 by Meg Cabot

I have finally completed the entire Princess Diaries Series, for the earlier reviews please click the links below.
Book 8 - Whining and drama to the peak level, the worst book in the series! One Paw
Book 9 - The drama continues with the added extreme levels of self-centeredness. I really cringe to think that teen girls read this and potential strive for this. One Paw.
Book 10- Thank goodness we got a break and skipped a couple of years of drama and Mia has matured slightly. Two Paws and a Stump Wag
Book 10.1 - Doesn't really fit into the series but presents some interesting holiday traditions and etiquette from around the world. Three Paws.
Book 10.5 - Again, it doesn't really fit in series it is more of a companion. It does have some fun comparison of both historical and fictional princesses. Two Paws.
Book 11 (and final book) - Another large gap in the timeline thank goodness and it is shocking how much Mia matured but she did retain some of her former personality flaws which I guess is good.  Three Paws.
Series Review: As a whole I found this series to be irritating and a waste of time. I have learned a valuable lesson though, read at least the first book before investing in the whole series (also sometimes the movie is better than the book). This series is definitely written to a very specific and narrow audience, even when I was in that target age group this series still wouldn't have appealed to me. It really kind of worries me that teen girls read this and think that these horrible examples of friendship, drama, selfishness, vainness and actions are something to strive for and mimic. It also makes me unbelievably happy that I have a son and won't have to deal with any version or depth of this behavior.
Have you read this series? Did you read it as a teen or an adult? Could you relate to it in any way or did you find it as annoying as I did?


  1. Wow! I can't believe you managed to read the whole series. It sounds way too shallow and annoying for me. Hey, at least you're done, right?!

    1. I am still puzzled as to why so many people have enjoyed this series in the past but I made it through and I don't think I will be purchasing anymore complete series based off reviews again!

  2. Ha! You and I had very similar views on this series. I can't believe we powered through! I couldn't finish Royal Wedding. I'd had enough, and I thought it was a bit more crude than the others.

    1. I can't believe it either, it was a real push! HAHA you almost made it, but I don't blame you. Royal Wedding certainly doesn't fit with the rest of the series, it was far too adult for the target audience of the series.