Sunday, April 17, 2016

RI Author Feature: Waking the Merrow by Heather Rigney

Synopsis: "In 1772, angry Rhode Island colonists set fire to a British ship, sparking the American Revolution. Taxation without representation was a motivator. So was the vengeful, man-eating mermaid who had it out for the commanding officer.

That was then. This is now.

Mermaids, or merrow, still hunt in Narragansett Bay, but these days they keep a lower profile. At night, centuries-old Nomia seduces smutty frat boys, lures them into icy waters, and feeds them to her voracious kin. By day, she and her half-breed daughter attempt to blend in at the coastal Village Playground. But Nomia slips up. She makes a friend. Then she makes that friend disappear, and someone notices.

Thirty-something Evie McFagan just wants to make it through working motherhood. But she’s a blistering stew of issues—snarky alcoholic and a friendless funeral director who just witnessed Nomia dismembering a guy at the nearby yacht club. When Evie believes a mermaid stole her baby, who will help? The merrow of Ireland? Or maybe anti-hero Evie will surprise everyone, including herself, and summon the strength to save her own family.

Intertwining the stories of two primordial families with the colonial history of Narragansett Bay, Waking the Merrow is a dark historical fantasy."

My Review: I kept coming across this book at some of the local author events and bookstores. Normally this would not be in my reading genres but I thought I would give it a try since I love supporting my local authors. This was definitely a book that will get your heart pounding, the terrifying descriptions of Nomia and the other Merrow will make your blood run cold. It also verifies my insistence that I only swim in pools and not the ocean or bay! Be forewarned though that there is a lot of cursing, violence, a lot of alcohol consumption and a little neglectful parenting on behalf of the main character, it does lend to the story but is difficult to swallow at times. The story is fast moving and the pages will be turning quickly, I don't suggest reading it at night alone by the water though!
My Rating: Even though I don't particularly like Horror, Suspense type books, this one was rather captivating. I couldn't stop reading it and give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag!
I unfortunately was not able to make it to any of Heather Rigney's readings or author events but you can find out more about her work and the Merrow Trilogy on her Goodreads Page or Website.
You can also obtain your own copy of Waking the Merrow in digital or print format from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


  1. Whoa! This one sounds freaky weird!

    1. It was so frightening and intense but it really drew me into the book.