Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pen to Paper: Quirky Desks

Good morning everyone, did you complete last week's mission? I wish I had taken a picture of mine to share with you.  I started out attempting a doodle but it was a disaster so I decided to put a sticker over it, I then had to go get the dog who was barking in the back yard.  I came back to find several more stickers on my letter, I guess Munchkin thought it needed more flourishes! Thank goodness it was just a letter to my mom so she will understand LOL! For another letter for a fellow book lover I added a bookmark I made, I was very happy with how it turned out!
Anyway back to the subject matter of the month . . . desks.  Well we all know what modern desks look like so I thought I would share some of the more unique desks I have come across in this wonderful online world.
I adore this repurposed piano, I love how the keys and hammers are still there and visible through the glass. Granted this would take up a large amount of space but how cool is it?!
And here is a different version with the same idea only with the strings showing instead.
Are you an on the go type person? Here is the desk for you! It wouldn't be half bad if you didn't have to sit on that tiny bike seat all day!
They even had a sense of quirk way back when, check out these two vintage desks.
For the on the go and camping types
For a the secretive type or you just want to surprise people
Are you super stressed when you are sitting at your desk? Here is just the desk to make you feel like you are always on vacation, digging your toes in the sand. All you need is a drink with an umbrella!
And for those geeks, and I am definitely one of those, your very own Han Solo! Doesn't that spark your creativity?!
So which desk do you like? Which desk suits your style best if space, money or any thing else didn't matter? Are you a vintage desk person, modern desk person or a quirky desk person?  I have to say I am still stuck on that big secretary's desk but some of these quirky ones are very tempting, especially the piano, sand and of course Han Solo.
Your Mission for this week: Write about a silly thing that happened to someone who might need a smile or laugh. Sometimes we all go through a time when we are down and it seems nothing is going right. Sometimes a smile or laugh can turn things around or even just give a glimmer of light in all the dark. What better to way to use the power of our letters?!

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