Thursday, May 14, 2015

Official Pen to Paper Kickoff

So if you have been hanging around here long enough, you might remember that almost 2 years ago I would occasionally put up Pen to Paper post. They were a record of my resolution to write more letters.  Well they kind of fell by the wayside. 
BUT . . .
with the Bloggiesta back in March I started brainstorming new post ideas. This was one that really took off and I have a boatload of ideas for posts. Not to mention I do really enjoy letter writing (and it allows for my stationary habit). 
So I am here to announce that this is the first post of the official Pen to Paper weekly meme here on Eastern Sunset Reads.  I will be posting Thursday mornings with various aspects of letter writing and snail mail communications.  I invite you to join me on this journey and if you would like we can exchange addresses and become pen pals too.
So first order of business is to take a look at back when I originally started the little Pen to Paper posts.  You can see my first post HERE where I set out send at least one snail mail communication a month.  Now I wasn't really consistent with my posts but I will say I had a really good run. Even now I think I usually send a letter or card at least once a month, but usually in a burst of several at a time. But you know the real reason why I stopped posting? There wasn't much to talk about, it is hard to continue sending letters when you get little or no response. 
I have learned a few things since then and will continue to learn. All of these lessons I will be sharing with you on our journey of putting our Pens to Paper.  So please join me and come check in again on Thursday morning for new posts. I have some very exciting things coming up (including tips, drool worthy letter writing gear, and some giveaways).  Of course if you would like to become a pen pal with me (which I would really love) please email me with your address!

Please feel free to post here or on your own blog and link up with us, telling about your own letter writing experiences.  Did you have a pen pal as a child? Have you continued writing to a dear friend over the years? Are you just wondering and want to start now?


  1. I never had a pen pal. I used to love to write letters but when you never get a response it is rather depressing. I look forward to your posts and you can write me any old time.

    1. I think a lot of it is that people don't know how to write to get a response, it really is almost a lost art. But that is what Pen to Paper will be for is discovering how to become a good pen pal and different ideas. I will definitely be writing to you, you are in my special pen pal address book ;)