Saturday, May 16, 2015

Graphic Novel Review of Cinderella: Fables are Forever by Chris Roberson

Synopsis: "She poses as a haughty socialite in glass stilettos by day--and okay, sometimes by night. But Cinderella is actually Fabletown's master spy. Tasked with doing jobs too dirty and deadly for the average Fable, Cindy's faced down dangers from a dozen worlds and lives to tell tales (over cocktails in a hot tub, if you're lucky).

But every secret agent has one annoyingly ruthless archnemesis, and Cindy is no exception. Back in the Big '80s, Cindy encountered her dark mirror, a rogue American Fable, who was in league with the mysterious Shadow Fabletown. Cindy thought she'd destroyed her rival years ago. But when a powerful magician turns up dead and another seeks her help, Cindy's hunt for her old enemy begins anew.

From the frigid back alleys of Russia to the steaming desert, Cindy will follow the clues down the blood-flecked yellow brick road and risk everything she's got--including her secret identity--to solve the crime and finally get revenge on Silver Slipper."

My Review: This clearly takes place much further in the Fables series than I have read, it is really difficult to read any branch off series of the main Fables because you have to be completely caught up. I must say I was a little bored with this volume even though it contained a really creative and interesting story idea, pitting a CIA type agent Cinderella against a mercenary Dorothy. It didn't really feel like a full story with all the memories that pop up throughout to tell the short main storyline. It just wasn't the one for me I guess.
My Ratings: An interesting conflict but with all the memories and flashbacks it felt a little incomplete. I give it a rating of Two Paws.


  1. There's nothing so frustrating as picking up a book in the middle of a series accidentally. Sounds like it might not have made a difference if you'd read them all together anyway.

    1. I thought with this being a branch off series it wouldn't matter so much but it clearly did, I have discovered a reading order list for the Fables series (including the branch off ones) so that will be a huge help!