Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Challenge Update

What a way to kick off the challenges for this year! January was a month full of books, it is always exciting to dive into that pile waiting for you and teasing you for the last few weeks.  So here is my update on my challenges.
Personal Re-Read Challenge
Personal Children's Book Challenge
13. Again!
15. Sweet Child of Mine
16. Mr. Happy
17. The Big Snow
18. Perfect Soup
19. I Love You, Sleepyhead

Personal Beginning Reader Challenge:
1. Charlie's Snow Day
2. Monsters Munch Lunch
3. Brave Dragon
4. Kick Pass and Run

Personal Read Across the States Challenge
Alabama  -
Alaska -
Arizona -
Arkansas -
California -
Colorado - Calves in the Mud Room
Connecticut -
Delaware -
Florida - Because of Winn Dixie
Georgia - Deep Dish
Hawaii - Birth
Idaho -
Illinois -
Indiana -
Iowa -
Kansas -
Kentucky -
Louisiana -
Maine - Stone Bay
Maryland -
Massachusetts -
Michigan -
Minnesota -
Mississippi -
Missouri -
Montana -
Nebraska -
Nevada -
New Hampshire -
New Jersey - The Fighting Ground
New Mexico -
New York -
North Carolina -
North Dakota -
Ohio - Dragons of Spratt Ohio
Oklahoma -
Oregon -
Pennsylvania -
Rhode Island - By the Sea Tess
South Carolina - Girls in Trucks
South Dakota -
Tennessee -
Texas -
Utah -
Vermont -
Virginia -
Washington -
West Virginia - Locking Horns
Wisconsin - Blankets
Wyoming - Stone Fox

Audio Book Challenge
1. The Fighting Ground
2. The Last Valentine
3. Deep Dish

Graphic Novel Challenge
1. Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol. 3
2. Blankets
3. Shadows of Endor
4. From Fabletown with Love
5. Books of Magic

Series Challenge
1. Hearts of Amenoi - Book 1

TBR Challenge
1. Girls in Trucks
2. Because of Winn Dixie
3. Athena the Brain
4. Nubiana
5. Persephone the Phony
6. The Fighting Ground
7. Aphrodite the Beauty
8. The Last Valentine
9. Artemis the Brave
10. By The Sea, Book One, Tess
11. Hickory Daiquiri Dock
12. Locking Horns
13. Stone Bay
14. Dragons of Spratt, Ohio
15. Deep Dish
16. Stone Fox
17. Dragon in the Sock Drawer
18. Birth

Requested Reviews
1. Dear Hank Williams
2. Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season
3. Calves in the Mud Room
4. Gooseberry Island
5. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
6. Just Not Ready Yet
7. Poole's Paradise
8. Darkness

Goodreads Challenge
Currently at 55 of 312 books for the year.

Definitely feeling well ahead of the game but I know that can catch up with me quickly, especially since I have chosen a lot of books outside my normal reading comfort zone for the Across the States challenge.  It will be another busy month for me!

For some of my other goals on the year:
I have written 3 postcards/letters (not including birthdays, Christmas or thank yous)
I have painted my nails every week (I decided I will have a special post once a month to share the best)
I have made all my weekly savings deposits (some even a little early)
Haven't done much extra fun with Munchkin this month, it was busy potty training but we did make thank you cards and some other little crafts
No date with Hubby so far (Valentine's does land on a weekend this year so it will be the first we have gotten to spend together in several years).

Points Earned this Month:  143
Points spent this Month: 0 (woohoo! No book buying is an accomplishment for me)
Pages Read this Month: 6,658 & 12:31 listening time

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