Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review of Stone Bay by Min Edwards

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Synopsis: "Amanda Warner is a Texas girl from her cowgirl hat right down to her silver-tipped boots. She’s a successful woman, but romance has passed her by. On a whim to find that elusive spark that others seem to enjoy, she buys a new home... sight-unseen... on the Internet... in Maine. However, when she pulls up into the driveway of her new house, one that looks nothing like the online images, there’s a handsome stranger standing on her derelict porch. At that moment, she realizes she might have bitten off more than she can chew, in home ownership and romance.

Kevin Franklin, retired Army Intelligence officer, successful builder, has been unlucky in love throughout his life. He’s been more concerned with keeping family, friends and his country safe than finding a soul mate. Things may be changing for him though. When the new cowgirl in town walks into his life and into the house he was planning to buy for his sister, his luck takes a turn... and not always for the better."

My Review: I almost didn't make it through this one, at least 3 times I said I should just DNF this but then I could finish it that day so I pushed through. The story could have been awesome, a woman buys a house sight unseen, then gets a sexy contractor to refinish a 200 year old house, make some historical discoveries, etc. Instead you end up with extremely wishy-washy characters who are immature and with seemingly manufactured ways to create supposed tension with back and forth. Supposedly Amanda is this rather intelligent woman, had spectacular career as an archeologist, then had operated a bookstore/wine bar but turns out she can't handle even the slightest bit of pressure, turmoil, make decisions or even manage to sweep a floor. I'm sorry but she came off as having multiple personalities or something because what happened and what is said about her do not jive at all. Those are just a few of the inconsistencies in the story, there are many more including time frames that drive a reader insane.
My Rating: Inconsistencies and wishy-washy characters really killed a book with great potential. I am only giving it One Paw and a Stump Wag and it is only getting that high because I did manage to finish it.
Note: there are sexual encounters but they can be skimmed over and if you do read it I suggest you skim them because they are ridiculous.


  1. I hate dragging my way through a book. Sorry this one was so bad.

    1. I am just glad it was short enough that it didn't use up a lot of my reading time.