Friday, April 18, 2014

Dewey Readathon Signup

Guess what?! It is almost time for the Dewey Spring Readathon!! I almost missed it too, but I happened to catch a post about it.  So the readathon is scheduled for next Saturday, the 26th.  You can find out more on Dewey's Page.

I am definitely going to try to participate again this time, the last readathon was cut short for me because both Hubby & Munchkin couldn't understand the importance of reading for 24 hours! HAHAHA!  I am hoping to get Hubby to take the little man on an adventure outside of the house so I can get some peace and quiet.  I am also going to adjust my reading a little to include books I can share with Munchkin.
So what books to I plan to read you may ask.  Well I plan on reading some of the books I have in progress and finish them. In addition I plan to put the following books in my Dewey pile:
Books to read with Munchkin
                                   Milo Armadillo
I know that looks like a mountain of books but most of them aren't too long. If I can just get a little peace and quiet here and there I should be able to get through most of them. The total page count for all those books (not including the ones already in progress) is 2,205.  I think that is doable, I generally read 60-75 pages an hour (obviously depending on the type of book) so based on that I should be able to read them all in 29-36 hours (but obviously children's books and graphic novels read much quicker).
So are you going to be joining the readathon? What books do you plan to read?


  1. Oooh! I wish I could but I work every Saturday. Maybe I should at least read one full book to join in with everyone once I get home. :D Have fun!!

    1. That stinks, maybe just try to squeeze in some reading on break or when you get home, or post pone your own readathon until sunday. I have done that before.

  2. Thanks for helping spread the word!!! We're glad to have you! --Andi, Readathon Host

    1. Thank you for hosting the readathon! It gives me a reason to kick the hubby and munchkin out of the house so I can just read all day ;)