Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pen to Paper: August Incoming Mail

Remember how I talked about Traveling Postcards a few weeks ago (HERE)?  Well I have received a few in the mail this past month.  One from the UK, one from Washington State and 2 from South Africa! I have never sent or received anything from South Africa, this is the cool part about traveling postcards, you get and send mail from all over the world! All of them are travelling postcards and will be sent on their way soon. Each one is so unique, I love the coloring one, such a unique idea.

I also received my package from the Notebook & Pen Swap from this year.  I am so excited about this package because I have recently started a bullet journal and am really enjoying it. I am looking forward to trying these new notebooks and pens!

General Update:

As you may recall, I have gotten a little behind on my pen pal letter responses.  I have been trying to catch up but my normal writing time has gotten all screwed up with Hubby's new schedule. I keep getting interrupted with my letters and never get to write one start to finish (some of them have several dates on them when I would pick it up and start writing again).  This is very frustrating and I am sure my pen pals are also getting frustrated.  I am trying to catch up and I am hoping with some upcoming days off that I can sit down and write uninterrupted.  So if you are waiting for a response, please be patient, I haven't forgotten about you and I do still want to be pen pals, I just have a lot of catching up to do and life keeps getting in the way!

I hope you are having happy mail adventures!

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