Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Fun Day 1: Advent Calenders

Hello and Happy Holiday season everyone! In addition to my Advent Reads event this holiday season, I thought I would post earlier in the day with different things we do each day to have fun and celebrate this season. I hope you will join us and also maybe share some of your own traditions or ways you celebrate.
One of the things I really looked forward to during the holiday season was Advent Calendars, it was what originally inspired my Advent Reads posts. I remember as a kid my brother and I would take turns opening the little windows and either revealing a picture or getting a little chocolate. Now I get to share this tradition with my own family.  Now my issue becomes limiting the number of calendars! There are so many awesome ones out there, from the classic window picture reveal and chocolates, to more extravagant ones with toys and more.
This year I just couldn't help myself. I got us a Peanuts picture reveal, a chocolate one, got myself a tea advent calendar, and I found this great activities one that is perfect for Munchkin's age.  I also have our candle that we burn each night while reading a Christmas themed story (another tradition I have pulled from my childhood).
Do you have an advent calendar? Did you as a kid? What is your favorite kind?

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