Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pen to Paper: Thank You Notes

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!
I hope you are having a wonderful, fun filled day with all your loved ones!
While we are all enjoying the time together, and many of us are enjoying giving gifts and receiving, don't forget the very meaningful thank you. It is wonderful to say thank you in person or even over the phone, but nothing quite conveys your thanks like a note you took the time to write.  I can't tell you how many times I have had someone come to me and thank me for writing a thank you note, it means that much to people.
Your thank you notes don't need to be really long, a simple note card with a handwritten message is perfect. You should start your note with a thank you for the gift. If it is a monetary gift there is no need to mention the amount or even say money, a great way to say thanks is 'thank you for your generosity'. Continue your note with an expansion on that thank you, maybe how you are going to use that item, or have already used the item, or maybe how you are thrilled the giver found just the right color, etc. It is always a good idea to also thank them again at the end of the note and of course sign your name.  If it is a gift to a child it is also fun to include a picture of them playing with or wearing their new gift.
It only takes a few minutes to write a thank you note, and while it can be exhausting to write a bunch at the same time, it still means so much.  It is best to try to get those thank you notes out within 2 weeks or so from receiving the gift. One way I remember to write my thank you notes is to not put the item away until I have written their thank you, it helps me keep track of who I have written to and who I still need to thank.
Again, I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!
Much love from me and my family!

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