Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advent Reads Day 24: Snow Cones and Dimes by Jason F. Wright

Synopsis: "Christmas Jars, a New York Times Bestselling novella by Jason Wright, first became a phenomenon during the 2005 holiday season. Readers across America reacted to the message of daily giving and sacrifice by creating their own Christmas Jars.

Today, thousands of glass jars rest on kitchen countertops, slowly collecting the spare change generated each and every day. On Christmas Eve, each jar, now overflowing with both money and goodwill, will anonymously find a new home. In turn, the grateful recipients will put the money to good use in their lives and begin their own jar. Thus hearts and lives are changed and the cycle continues.

This short story follows in the tradition and spirit of Christmas Jars. If you've read the original, you'll love this sweet addition to the Christmas Jars family."

My Review: Another great Christmas Jars story! I loved the original books and am really enjoying these short little stories to remind us of the original ones and the great tradition. As always with these books there is a great amount of emotion involved and even though it is only a few short pages long it reminds us of the meaning of Christmas.
My Rating: While Wright tends to write Christian books, this one didn't get into it too much, it was more about the giving to others with less during the holiday season. As almost always with his books there is a lot of emotion involved.  I give this one a rating of Four Paws!

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