Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Advent Reads Day 23: Snow Sometimes Falls by Brian Ming

Synopsis: "At age six, Dave was alone swinging in his backyard and heard a heavenly voice, “SNOW SOMETIMES FALLS!” It takes over thirty years, along with several calamities to discover what God was telling him that day. Dave learns, even through the tragic death of his mother, the thirty-year revelation was well worth the wait."

My Review: I wasn't expecting this one to be quite so religious or to be quite so emotional but it certainly was both. I didn't mind the religion all that much, I tend to be a little more open about it this time of year. With that said there is a crazy amount of emotion involved in this book, I was near tears many times and would have to stop reading while at work. It had a wealth and variety of characters that was very interesting, and it almost seemed as they each had their own individual storyline. A lot going on for such a short book but it didn't seem rushed either. All in all a wonderful book for the Christmas season.
My Rating: I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book but I can't help but give it a rating of Four Paws.


  1. Sounds like another great holiday read.

    1. It really turned out that way, I was a little skeptical but it was really good.