Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review of Soul of a Highlander by Melissa Mayhue

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Synopsis: "Nine years ago, Faerie Magic saved Mairi MacKiernan at the cost of her dreams of happiness, snatching her from her life in 1272, and depositing her in the twenty-first century. Now, she must save the last Daughter of the MacKiernan family...who was murdered in 1295. Transported back in time at her request, Mairi finds herself captured by the same evil men as before! Is this the price the Faerie Magic requires of her this time? Ramos Servans has dedicated his dreams to service as a Guardian, but when he discovers the evil unleashed on the Mortal Plain by his father and their people, he swears he will atone by ridding the world of Nuadian deceit. Part of his mission involves rescuing a lovely Highland lassie, and in the passion that grows between them, Ramos and Mairi find a new dream.

But falling in love can be dangerous when Faerie Magic is involved. Dreams may not be the only cost...."

My Review: This was an interesting way to combine the previous two books and start making sense of where the series is going. I must say I didn't really connect with Mairi and found her a little too timid and not as self reliant as I usually prefer. I did however really enjoy Ramos and the other sub-characters. I did really like how this was a transition book, pulling the vast differences between the first two books and creating a series long storyline to follow. I am really curious what new characters we will meet along the way.
My Rating: This book didn't suck me in quite the way the previous two did, but as I said it was really a transitional book pulling those two together into a cohesive storyline. I give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag.

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