Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pen to Paper: Pen Pal Kits

So did you get to the post office and stock up on stamps before the busy holiday season? I did and I am so excited about all my new stamps. I got the From Me To You stamps that are just perfect for pen pals, I also got some more post card and international stamps. Last but not least I snagged some Christmas stamps, I was so excited to find out they have the new Charlie Brown Christmas stamps (you definitely need to check them out).
So hopefully you have found a new pen pal as we have been discussing throughout the month.  If you have a friend or family member who is considering it or that you hope to keep in touch with, I have a little idea for you. Send someone who you want to be pen pals with a Pen Pal Kit.
image from Pinterest
These little kits are a fun way to kick off your new pen pal relationship. I have actually made it a point to make one of these kits for each of my cousins when they graduate high school to take with them to college. You can personalize the kit for your new pen pal but some of the things that should be included:
~ Stamps
~ Envelopes
~ Notecards and/or Stationary
~ Pen or pencil
~A handy container to keep it all in
Some other things you might include:
~Greeting Cards (I like to include a Father's Day card and Mother's day card for my cousins for them to send home)
~Stamps and Ink for decorating
~Washi Tape
~ A mini address book (make sure to put your address in there)
This handy little kit contains everything a new pen pal should need and then they are maybe more likely to write letters with it all together.  You may even want to make a similar pen pal to go kit for yourself to take with you.
Your Mission for the Week: Write a letter! Yup just write a letter, be it short or long, to a new friend or old. Just get some mail out and get used to writing regularly.

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