Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pen to Paper: Write to People You Know

So did you write to someone you haven't heard a response from in a while? I did, though I don't know if it was I who didn't respond to the last letter or my pen pal, but hopefully I am reopening this line of communication for us.
I know when I initially started doing these Pen to Paper posts that I talked about who to write letters to briefly. I want to take a couple of weeks to go into more detail about who to write to and ways to find more pen pals.  So of course we will start with the obvious people to send your letters to and that would be people you already know. 
There is the obvious way to pick and that would be to pull out your address book. You know those people you send an annual holiday card to? I bet they wouldn't mind hearing about what is new in your life throughout the year too, and chances are these people are family members and friends so there is no need to go through awkward introductions, just jump right in and say hi.
Another way is to go to that Facebook friend list, yes you may have an old friend on there that you follow and maybe you like or comment on their posts every so often and they do the same for you, but have you really reconnected? Maybe send them a quick message asking for their mailing address and send them a real letter. Maybe you can find things that you have in common now (not in high school) and rekindle that friendship again through snail mail.
Another option is to start writing to friends you have made online with common interests.  A vast majority of the people I write to are in this category. I write to my fellow book bloggers *waves*, I write to friends I have made in the pony collecting community, and more recently to people I have met through art, ATCs and Pocket Letters. You know you have something in common that you can chat about endlessly, you have already made that friendly online connection so why not brighten up their mailbox with a friendly letter.
I bet you have a boatload of new people to send letters to on your list now! So get started writing . . .
Your Mission This Week: Send someone on that Christmas Card list an actual letter. Do it now so that they know you are actually thinking about them, not just simply going down the list and filling out addresses on cards. I bet they will really appreciate the thought before the rush of the holiday season.


  1. I write to my nanna a couple of times a month and if something is happening i write to my mam as well i never get replies but i like the fact i'm writing.
    I'd love a penpal that actually replies but i think people are lazy these days

    1. It is wonderful that you write to your Nanna, my own grandparents don't use the computer and are getting hard of hearing so letters seem to be the best way to communicate. If you really want a pen pal please feel free to send me an email ( easternsunset at and we can exchange addresses.