Saturday, September 19, 2015

Graphic Novel Review of Swamp Thing by Brian K. Vaughan

Read for: Graphic Novel Challenge
Synopsis: "In this series from 2000, writer Brian K. Vaughan kicked off a new SWAMP THING series that starred Tefé Holland, daughter of Swamp Thing and Abigail Arcane. As a human/plant elemental hybrid, Tefé has incredible power--but as a hot-headed teenager, can she learn to control those powers and use them for good? Vaughan's sensitive stories send Tefé across the globe to play an unexpected role in remote regions threatened by ecological disasters."

My Review: An old black and white swamp thing was the first horror movie I ever saw, so it holds a special place in my heart. I have also loved so much of Vaughan's work in graphic novels. Unfortunately, this one just wasn't my cup of tea. The story line was so obscure from what I was expecting that it threw me for a loop. The storyline also does a lot of jumping around to different points as well as different characters that it was hard to keep track of the story in my head. I will say though that the illustrations were outstanding.
My Rating: I normally love Brian K. Vaughan but I think this idea was just a little too far outside what I was expecting. It was still an interesting and unique idea with amazing illustrations. I give it a rating of Two Paws.


  1. Graphic novels always feel a bit disjointed and all over the place for me so this one really doesn't look appealing. Sigh! Better luck with your next one.

    1. Sometimes I go in not having an open enough mind and the graphic novels take the storyline somewhere I don't expect.