Sunday, August 23, 2015

Story Stack: Get There with Vehicles

Welcome to Story Stack, a new meme here on Eastern Sunset Reads!
For Story Stack I will put together a list of books based on a common theme, probably mostly children's books since this idea arrived as I struggled to organize Munchkin's overflowing bookshelves.
Boy it has been a little while since I posted a Story Stack, since my last post was a stack of Construction Books I have for you now our top list of other vehicle books (in no particular order).
Little Blue Truck - This book was one of the first vehicle books Munchkin received and it is a cute little book. Also there are several other Little Blue Truck Books now too (I highly recommend Little Blue Truck's Christmas, it lights up).
My Truck is Stuck - is a fun book that combines a variety of vehicles, rhyming, counting, adding and subtracting in a fun way.
Katy and the Big Snow - for some reason this book isn't all that well know, it is overshadowed by the author's famous book Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. But in our house snowplows are a big deal!
I am a Garbage Truck - This fun shaped book talks about both garbage trucks and recycling trucks and what they do.
Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble! - This is a really fun book with lots of sound effects to make and loads of vehicles to look at, you even have to turn the book on the side and upside down to read it adding an extra fun factor.
Emergency Vehicles - This is a little advanced for Munchkin but he loves all the different emergency vehicles, fire engines, police cars, ambulances, etc. It even talks about coastguard boats and emergency vehicles in other countries.
Sesame Street Bus - is an insanely fun book for little ones. It has sound buttons to go with the story, it has wheels that actually spin and it has activities to take your bus book on, not to mention Elmo and other Sesame Street favorites.
Steam Train, Dream Train - Animals and trains, an interesting combination but a fun book to learn a little bit about trains. It isn't Munchkin's favorite but he seems to prefer it over other train books we have read.
Tow Truck Trouble/ Lights Out - a double book featuring Mater & Lightening McQueen from the Cars movie. Munchkin LOVES Mater so this is a fun book for him.
Sheep in a Jeep - This might actually be Munchkin's favorite vehicle book. We read it all the time. When we see a jeep on the road he even recites a page or two from the book "beep, beep, sheep in a jeep". It is a tongue twister but after enough times reading it you won't be able to get it out of your head!

So there you have it, some of our favorite non-construction vehicle books.
I promise to post Story Stacks a little more regularly and I have a few ideas that won't revolve around vehicles, I promise that isn't all we read (although I have been reading nothing but space books lately).

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