Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fun with Munchkin: Garden Results

I have decided to add a new post to my list of things that could happen on the weekends.  As part of my resolutions for 2015, I wanted to do more fun things with Munchkin and as a family.  I will be posting sporadically about some of the fun adventures we are having together.
If you remember way back this spring we planted a garden with Munchkin (See This Post). Munchkin has done a great job reminding me to care for the garden and we have had successes and failures but all in all it has been a fun venture and we will probably do it again next year.
Here are a few 'fruits' of our labors.
Look how pretty all those carrots are, I have only every seen the rainbow carrots on TV
Our biggest zucchini of the year! Our single zucchini plant has been an outstanding producer with over a dozen zucchini, good thing we love them and eat them as fast as they grow!
I think next year we will do zucchini again and maybe some more carrots, and maybe some different lettuces. I would love to do some peas and green beans as well.


  1. Awesome carrots. I had no Idea they came in those colors.

    1. I have seen them on the cooking shows but never in the stores. I found the seeds and just wanted to see what they were like but no different really than regular carrots.