Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pen to Paper: Stationary Subscriptions

How did your mission go last week? Did you find a quote to include in your letter? I have been in fall mode for some reason and so I made a cute little card with a quote on it for a fall themed pocket letter.
On to our discussion about stationary and where to get it. I discussed last week some of my favorite places to get my stationary from, but one method I didn't discuss (because I felt like it needed its own post) was subscription services. The past few years I have noticed a huge trend in monthly subscription boxes, for beauty products, books, and even food.  I have come across a few subscription boxes for stationary as well. I have subscribed to (or at least ordered a single month to test) three different ones. I thought I would share a little of my experiences and tell you about them so you can decide if they are right for you.
The first is the Letter Bee Box available at Further More Press on Etsy.
Patty's monthly Letter Bee boxes are stuffed full of goodies for working on letters and other snail mail projects. She always includes beautiful stationary and envelopes, notecards, post cards,  as well as stamps (both current and vintage), little artwork to keep or share with pen pals, and delicious tea and goodies. She offers a full sized box and a petite box (which sticks more closely to paper goods).  I have ordered her full size Letter Bee box several times and am so happy every time I get one of her boxes (the next one should be coming soon). I will tell you though the full size boxes sell out very quickly but the petite boxes are often available.
Another one I have tried out for a single box was Brimbles Box offered by Miss Brimbles.  I think I got the June Box.  I enjoyed the selection she included, it works great if you are into decorating your letters, there was some cute princess paper, washi tape, colored pencils and some stickers. I have seen some of the other boxes she puts together and they are always very cute, though often a little girlie or frilly for my personal tastes. This would also be an excellent option if you are over in Europe, the price of shipping to the US was pretty steep, so I haven't ordered another box.
The most recent one I have tried is La Papierre Stationary Subscription Service.  This one is relatively inexpensive and allows you to select the subscription size based on how much paper you go through. Here are a couple of pictures of my first delivery
I love the variety of paper they included and have already used several sheets of it. I look forward to seeing what they send each month now. My only complaint with this one would be that they don't include envelopes, it is strictly the paper and you need to find your own envelopes (more on that next week).
So there you have it, I am sure there are a lot more subscription services out there but these are just the three that I have tested out. The thing to keep in mind with subscription services is that these are often 'blind boxes' meaning you don't get to pick what you get. There will be times you may not like a stationary sent (but I still hold on to it incase there is someone I am writing to who would enjoy them).
Your Mission for the Week: Include a found item in your next letter. Be it a lucky penny found on the ground, a beautiful flower you can press in, or maybe a lovely seashell, pebble or feather. Found items don't cost anything and can be used as a lovely writing prompt for your letter, tell the person about where you found it or what you were thinking when you found it.

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