Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pen to Paper: A Desk to Write Our Letters On

Did you write to someone new last week? Maybe a family member you have written a letter to in months? I wrote to a few different people this last week including my best friend's mom, she is like a second mother to me and I am sad to say I haven't kept in better touch with her over these years. Hopefully we can establish contact more frequently through snail mail.
So this month I thought we could talk about desks.  I am sad to say I don't really have a designated desk, and it effects more than just my letter writing (it makes my book writing difficult as well).  Sometimes when the boss is out I am able to spread out on my work desk (like the picture above), or if my table isn't buried in junk mail or craft supplies I will write there but more often than not I can be found writing my letters with a  hard cover book on my couch or favorite chair.
Some day it is my dream to have my own designated desk. This desk will be only used for writing letters, writing books and gosh it would make my accounting and bill paying so much easier. I already have the desk in mind, I love those roll top old secretaries desks. I dream about what I would put in all those little cubbies and drawers.

Image from Pinterest
Where do you write your letters? Do you have a desk you can leave set up for letter writing or are you like me and write where you can?  Please feel free to share pictures on you blog and link up below!
Your Mission for this week: Write your letter this week in a new location. Find a new place to write your letter, maybe it will inspire a different type of letter.  Go to the park, or the beach, find a funky little coffee shop with some jazz music, or even face a different window and get a new perspective.  


  1. I think my parents have two of those desks in storage! If I have have the time and space, I would love to pull one out, refinish it, and add it to my library/writing room!

    1. Oh I am so jealous! I would have no problem getting rid of some of our other furniture to have one of those desks (our guest room doesn't need a bed right?)!