Saturday, July 18, 2015

Graphic Novel Review of Ravine Vol. 1 by Stjepan Sejic

Synopsis: "In a fantastic world far from our own, an ancient magic spell almost split the world in two and left an endless ravine in the north. One man, Nebezial Asheri, driven by the deaths of his wife and daughters, will attempt to reclaim that magic and bring his loved ones back to life. The forces of an entire city, Paladia, will rise to oppose him, but his greatest foes will be a ragtag band of an outcast wizard, a dragonrider, and their allies."

My Review: I kind of struggled through this whole graphic novel. I am not too keen on the digital 3D art style that was used for this one. It looks as if it is a storyline from a video game and I would have preferred it stay there. Also there is a lot of world building but not enough so that it all makes sense. I spent a good portion of the story trying to figure out who was who and what their positions and roles were. Of course I discovered at the end of the GN there were character sheets and references for the settings, it would have been nice to know that from the get go, being a person who doesn't flip to the back of the book before reading I totally missed out. I don't think I will be following any more of this series.
My Rating: Maybe if I had the character index and world maps before reading the whole thing it would have been better for me. In the long run though, the art isn't my style and I wasn't into the storyline much so I give it a rating of Two Paws.


  1. Man, that sounds so frustrating. Even if you had the guide before reading, nothing should be that confusing.

    1. I agree, I am not a fan of books that need a whole guide and glossary to read it and especially a graphic novel when you have images to support the story.